5 Steps to Reach Any Goal

In the past, I struggled with achieving big goals. I became overwhelmed or distracted and then lost hope. After researching mindset for almost ten years, I have finally figured out a system that works, regardless if the goal is small or HUGE! I have manifested money...

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Summertime: BE More and DO Less

June is the month that seems to slip through my fingers and disappear before I know it. It is the end of the school year, which brings concerts, picnics, class trips, and teachers’ gifts. It is the end of activities, which means recitals, playoffs, and parties. And,...

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Why Companies Need to Tell More Stories

One of the biggest mistakes companies and business owners make is they think people are buying their product or service. That is wrong! People are buying what those goods and services do for them and how they make them feel. They are buying a story, not a thing....

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Are You in Full Bloom?

Secondly, that tree didn’t worry about whether it was too flashy, too bold, too unique, too loud, too beautiful, or that it may be hurting the other trees by shining so bright. It just sought to be its own best version. The results didn’t matter because a tree doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. It just is. Could you imagine if we took on that attitude? We just sought to be our own best version without attachment to outcome? 

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My Definition of Fearless

I shared the Fearless Women Summit stage in Toronto and Barrie (you can see links to my talk on my speaker page) with women who had incredible stories. Listening to them, I realized that I had the definition of fearless wrong. I thought fearless meant that you never...

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Why Did This Happen to Me?

Sometimes we wonder “why.”

Why did this happen to ME?

Today’s plan: fly to San Diego via Chicago.

Reality: 3 hour mechanical delay, get off the ground finally for Chicago and they close O’Hare due to weather, we get diverted to Milwaukee for fuel, and the crew times out.

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